Not sure where to start? Introducing Small Business Finance 101 Courses

We know everyone is starting this small business journey from different places. Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or completely new to thinking about finance for your small business, there's a solution for you.

Each Small Business Finance 101 Course is designed to focus on core areas of small business finance to give you a chance to get your feet wet while learning skills to immediately apply to your business. Every step you take is a step forward in your business.

Small Business Finance 101

The perfect place to start. Learn exactly how to plan a 12-month sales and expenses Profitability Projection in this 60-minute starter class.

  • Understand the MOST important numbers in your business
  • Easy-to-Use Excel Template for Inventory and Service businesses
  • Video Lessons for Expenses, Sales Projections



The 90 Day Cash Flow Dashboard

Accounts Payable stressing you out? Understand how to maximize your small business cash on hand and prioritize your payments with clarity.

  • Weekly Cash Flow Planning Template
  • Video Lessons
  • Ability to prioritize and plan how you pay all your business expenses


Here's a preview

Step into my classroom and I'll walk you through each of the elements of The Small Business Finance 101 course. You'll be ready to make confident decisions based in data after just one hour.